Covered Secrets

Things can't be said, only written


I am a prisoner of time:
I am trapped between then and now,
between before and after,
between the ebb and the flood.
I still haven’t found the key to get me out of this captive cage.


Reality Check

And there it is: the long-awaited piece of paper. It didn’t bring the joy  I expected to feel. Confrontation with the hard reality when I read the words in the letter: “divorced”.      The month of commitment is at the same time the month of dissolution.

The letter hits the ground at the same time  a tear leaves my eye.

Hate not Love

I didn’t know what hatred was until I met you.


He used to say “don’t let a stranger enter your personal life and don’t share your secrets”.

At the end he became the ultimate stranger.

Hide and Seek

What I am looking for seems impossible to find.
What I find, is not what I seek.
I am found by unwanted seekers.

Reverse world.

Killing Loneliness

Sometimes I am plagued by loneliness, even though I am surrounded by my most loved ones.
It is a rare loneliness that can not be expressed in words nor described by feelings. It is deeply rooted in me and continually fed by indelible memories.  I wish I had the means to cut the roots in order to banish this lurking loneliness forever from my life.

Unlimited storage

The worst nightmares are the memories stored in the database of the subconscious.


I would like to be a normal person instead of a vampire who chases demons from the past every night.

Silent Words

Sometimes words aren’t even needed as silence has already so much to say.

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